Racecourse & Hospitality Experiences

Nick (...) is always totally focussed, professional, adaptable and hugely entertaining. Our clients are always full of praise for his performances.
— Sue O'Donoghue, Goodwood Estate

Whether you're organising a Members' Race Meet, Family Fun Day or a Flagship Event, your guests will be expecting a fun filled day with a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of varied entertainment and attractions in between watching the all important races.


  • We like to impress our members, and constantly seek to improve on our previous events.
  • We recognise that not everyone attends our events just to watch the races, so we'd like to ensure that everyone is equally entertained throughout the day.
  • We want our hospitality suites and experiences to be the best they possibly can, so it's important to us that our attendees feel relaxed and enjoy the day without awkward silences, forced small talk about work or dwelling on a lost race.
  • Our events attract a high volume of people, so we need entertainment that's flexible and can be adapted to suit any time frame and environment.
  • Our members have very high expectations and they've 'seen it all before', so we need something new and exciting with a real WOW factor to make each event bigger and better than the last.

Entertaining crowds at a family event at Goodwood

Entertaining crowds at a family event at Goodwood


Race Meets and Family Days

The fun doesn't have to end at the finish line

  • Of course the races are first on the agenda at race meets, but that doesn't mean that plenty of fun can't be had before, during and between races. 
  • Not everyone will be deciding on which horse to back next. It's easy to overlook that many are there for the entertainment, atmosphere and other attractions. 
  • You’ll need a performer with a flexible act that can be enjoyed between races by those that fancy a flutter, and still able to perform for those watching the race. 
  • At family days It's important to hold young children’s attention, whilst also amusing and engaging the parents and older siblings effectively. This way the family can enjoy their day together rather than dropping their children off at the 'kids tent' all day.

How can I help?

  • My flexible, family show is suitable for all ages and lasts between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the itinerary of the day.
  • Whilst there is no betting in my show, the theme perfectly compliments the atmosphere of a day at the races.
  • The show is easily portable, so I’m able to move around the grounds, making audiences laugh, clap and cheer with amazement.
  • This allows me to seek out shady areas so that children aren’t exposed to the sun for long periods of time without realising it.
  • Whilst races are taking place, I perform for individuals who are not able to watch the race while they queue for the fun fair attractions.
  • I make sure everyone is having fun all of the time and no one feels left out. Those who take their racing seriously can do so, knowing the rest of the party is enjoying themselves too. 
  • I can distract and entertain members in the restaurants and bars, which is especially popular during busy periods when the wait for food is longer than usual.


No doubt, as you're organising an outdoor event you’ll be keeping a nervous eye on the weather. Due to my time as a Covent Garden street performer, I'm used to performing in bad weather, even rain.

Simply put, if the audience stays, so do I. 

Should the weather be so bad a performance can't be continued, I can adapt my performance for a more sheltered environment. I also bring a portable wireless sound system, so I'm able to set up my shows anywhere without the need for a power source.


Corporate Sponsorship and VIP Hospitality

It's essential that each race experience is bigger and better than the last.

  • VIP clients and Sponsors have notoriously high expectations and standards, so it can, at times, be hard to please them, especially when races don't end favourably.
  • This is why it's important to get the proceedings off to a good start right away.
  • You want them to relax, have fun and enjoy the excitement of the day, rather than sitting inside and talking about work or making awkward small talk with colleagues before the racing begins. 
  • There is nothing worse than a room full of people putting on fixed smiles and wishing the racing would begin early.

How can I help?

  • I'm able to break the ice quickly and effectively, generating a buzzing atmosphere by getting people chatting laughing and interacting with each other.
  • This is the ideal way to ensure everyone is feeling included and gets into the spirit of things leading up to the main events of the day.
  • I can ensure that everyone feels included and equally enjoys their day, even if they don't wish to watch all of the races.
  • Members love a surprise and they are always delighted when I arrive to provide them with some unexpected entertainment.
Entertaining VIP guests in the Rolex hospitality suite at Goodwood Motor Circuit

Entertaining VIP guests in the Rolex hospitality suite at Goodwood Motor Circuit

So why me?

Aside from having 7 years experience in performing at racecourse events, I’m well versed in dealing with Goodwood Members and have a lot of experience performing at race days for Goodwood. This means I'm familiar with the grounds, I know the format of the day, and I recognise how and when to approach members.

In fact, I’ve been booked every year to perform at many of the world class Goodwood Events since 2011, in particular to perform at their flagship events, in their corporate sponsorship and VIP hospitality suites.


Standard Racecourse & Hospitality Experiences

DSC05370-168 copy.jpg

The Marathon

Full Planning Support

  • Unlimited Phone/Skype planning consultations
  • Full E-mail support
  • Extra early arrival & arrival SMS - Get a notification when I arrive
  • Flexi Date - Up to 1 Date Change (subject to availability)

Full VIP Hospitality Suite Experience

  • Themed comedy magic shows
  • Table magic - Every table gets their own mini table show while they wait for their food
  • Close up magic

Racecourse Experience

  • Themed family shows between races
  • Roaming magic during the races
  • Close up magic while people queue for other attractions

Post Event Debrief

  • Get the most out of your event and valuable feedback with a full debrief
  • I'll tell you honestly what worked and what didn't so we can work together in making future events event better.

£ 1,997

DSC05176-164 copy.jpg

The Middle distance

Planning Support

  • Up to two Phone/Skype consultations
  • Full E-mail support
  • Early arrival & arrival SMS - Get a notification when I arrive

VIP Hospitality Suite Experience

  • Table magic - Every table gets their own mini table show while they wait for their food

  • Close up magic 

Racecourse Experience

  • Themed family shows between races

  • Roaming magic during the races


Nick Stein Magician performing at a corporate event for Rolex.jpg

The Furlong

Email Support

  • Full E-mail support
  • Early arrival & arrival SMS - Get a notification when I arrive

Hospitality Suite Experience

  • Close up magic 

Racecourse Experience

  • Family shows between races
  • Roaming magic during the races



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